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Repair & refurbish decking wood

Decking renovation or replacing floorboards?

Is your decking already heavily greyed or even rotten in some places? The entire decking does not always have to be removed and rebuilt - repairing, refurbishing or restoring decking wood is a speciality of our professionals. Our specialists will be happy to take a look at the decking and can provide precise information on which renovation measures will restore the decking to almost new condition. You will then receive a free offer for inspection and quotation from our site managers from Salzburg or Zell am See. The work is carried out throughout Salzburg as well as in the neighbouring Tyrolean region (Kitzbühel, St. Johann in Tirol, etc.) and Upper Austria (Mondsee, Gmunden, Braunau, etc.).

Repairing or brushing and refurbishing decking wood

Brushing off old, greyed wood surfaces is currently very popular. With our special machines, which are equipped with 4 steel brushes for hard types of wood or 4 plastic brushes for softer types of wood, we can gently brush off the soiled surface. This gives the decking wood a beautiful, natural brushed and textured surface. We only work with water without the addition of chemicals. This means that the dirty water can be channelled into the sewage system without any problems.

If you prefer a smooth surface, the decking boards can be finely sanded after the cleaning process. Finally, the wood can be treated with a special outdoor oil to slow down the greying process. However, this is not absolutely necessary, as the naturalness of a greying patina also makes a beautiful picture. 

Sometimes individual decking boards need to be replaced or repaired - no problem for our professionals! Rotten boards are replaced and the substructure is checked and renovated if necessary! If the decking can no longer be refurbished or renovated, we can dismantle and dispose of the decking and replace it with new decking. In the Salzburg and Zell am See showrooms, we have many different options for Terrace floors with the right substructure. 

We are also happy to offer annual basic patio cleaning & oil maintenance after the first reconditioning - so you always have a perfectly maintained patio throughout the summer.

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