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Terrace floor

A new patio floor - the perfect basis for relaxing and socialising.

Terraces are an extension of our living space. Especially in summer, it is the favourite place to barbecue, play or simply relax. The available space must be well structured and designed so that it fully meets your expectations.

Wood, stone or WPC decking?

The type of decking plays a key role here. A patio floor must fulfil certain properties: It must be weather-resistant, slip- and impact-resistant and durable. Appearance is also a decisive factor for many customers. The various options such as Wood-stone or plastic are suitable depending on use. Bamboo decking is also back in fashion - we have the right material for you!

You should weigh up the pros and cons carefully and ask our professionals for advice in one of the Showrooms in Salzburg City or Zell am See for advice. Only then will you be able to enjoy your new wooden or WPC decking for a long time. Various samples can be viewed, touched and tried out on site - for those who are undecided, there is also the option of taking a sample of the new decking home with you. The various pedestal supports and substructure options will be explained using an installed deck.  

We'll also tell you the difference between the new WPC decking and wooden decking - and why you shouldn't buy a cheap WPC product with hollow chambers.

If you want to install the decking yourself, you can take the material you need for the substructure with you! Or we can send it directly to your home by haulage company. We always transport the WPC, BPC or wooden decking to the construction site to the exact dimensions in order to minimise waste. If you are not confident enough in your manual skills, we can of course also offer you installation by our professionals. 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about terrace decking

What is the best decking?

If you want a new surface for your patio, you are often spoilt for choice. Whether wood, stone or WPC - each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

WPC means "Wood Plastic Composite" and is a hybrid of wood and plastic. WPC is splinter-free, hard-wearing and easy to maintain. Even after many years, the decking looks as if it has just been laid. WPC or BPC (bamboo plastic composite) decking is now available with surfaces that look deceptively similar to wooden decking. Caution: Hollow planks should not be laid in Austria and Germany!

Stone decking last a very long time and are available in different colours. The flooring can be exposed to all weathers and there is no need to worry about rotting. The floor heats up quickly and cools down just as quickly - so the floor will rarely be at barefoot temperature. This floor is very hard-wearing!

Wooden decking boards have a natural, cosy appearance. However, they also require more care. The floor must be oiled regularly and occasionally sanded or brushed to prevent slate. Larch floors in particular slate very heavily and are therefore only suitable for bare feet to a limited extent. Tropical woods are well suited, but these are often obtained from dubious sources.

Customer testimonials

At Bodenstudio, you can tell that the team really enjoys what they do! From the consultation to the final result, everything was really great!
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Julia K.
Really highly recommended! We received expert advice and got the perfect parquet floor. The floor was laid quickly and professionally. We are very satisfied.
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Eva R.
Really very good advice and the new floor was laid quickly and cleanly. I am absolutely satisfied and can only warmly recommend the flooring studio!
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Ines P. Avatar
Ines P.
We were made aware of the shop through a recommendation. After making an appointment by telephone, we were promptly given an appointment and were delighted to find that not only is the range convincing, but above all the advice is very competent and friendly. After selecting the goods, they were delivered immediately. In short - the advice, range and service are excellent and we would highly recommend them. We will be back.
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