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External blinds & roller shutters

External venetian blinds give the heat no chance

The slat position of external venetian blinds can be infinitely adjusted. This means that light incidence and heat development in the interior can be controlled and adapted to any situation. Disturbing reflections on the screen are a thing of the past. Many different designs are possible thanks to the various slat geometries and different colours.

Roller shutters for heat, light and burglary protection

Roller shutters offer the best privacy and heat protection of all sun protection systems, as they can completely shade interior rooms. Burglary and noise protection is also greatly improved with closed roller shutters. Our professionals ensure discreet installation in the façade, which is nevertheless robust enough to put burglars to flight.

We will be happy to show you the different types of external venetian blinds and roller shutters in our showrooms in Salzburg City and Zell am See. We also offer a measuring and Assembly service. an.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about external venetian blinds and roller shutters

What is the difference between external venetian blinds and roller shutters?

The two terms are often used interchangeably. In fact, both are variants of movable sun shading systems. The decisive difference is the type of Slats. Roller shutters are what is known as a louvre curtain, which is lowered. Although this is ideal for preventing sunlight and unwanted views into the interior, the darkening effect is very intense and can only be reduced if the roller shutter is not lowered all the way. With external venetian blinds, the individual slats are movable and their angle can be adjusted. This allows the incidence of light to be better regulated.

How long does a plastic roller shutter last?

Plastic roller shutters have a service life of around 15 to 20 years. Plastic is the cheaper option compared to aluminium. Due to material fatigue, the individual slats can sometimes tear at the sides. In this case, you should consider whether it makes sense to replace individual slats or whether a complete replacement is a better solution. Aluminium roller shutters usually have a longer service life due to their high stability. You should therefore think carefully about which option is more suitable for you.

How does an external venetian blind work?

Similar to the Venetian blind, an external venetian blind consists of several components. Slats, which are usually made of aluminium, and guide tapes, which are used for the distance between the slats and for turning. It also has a lift strap for lowering and raising. The top and bottom rails secure the structure. A crank or motor provides the drive. The external venetian blind can precisely regulate the angle and the distance between the slats. This allows the glare of daylight into the interior to be precisely determined. Disturbing light and reflections from screens at the workplace can thus be prevented.

Are external venetian blinds burglar-proof?

External venetian blinds have a higher security factor than other sun and privacy protection variants. Because they are on the outside, windows are not freely accessible. The stability and flexural strength of the roller blind are also important, so that it cannot be pushed upwards when closed. The guide rails and panels should also not be able to be removed from the outside. It must be impossible for a burglar to push in or tear out individual slats.

What is a roller shutter armour?

A Roller shutter armour is the actual roller shutter - the interconnected slats. When lowered, it is positioned in front of the window and covers it completely.

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