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Interior blinds for privacy and thermal insulation

Interior blinds protect the room from prying eyes

If you not only want to upgrade your interior design, but are also looking for suitable privacy and sun protection, a Interior blind the right one for you. You'll find the right made-to-measure internal venetian blind with us.

Colour, slat width and many other extras can be selected individually.

We offer a measuring and installation service for you. Our professionals recommend the products of the brand LEHAthe Austrian market leader in the Sun protection interior.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about interior blinds

What is the difference between a Venetian blind and a roller shutter?

In roller shutters, the connected slats are referred to as the roller shutter curtain. This is rolled onto the roller shutter shaft, which is located in a box.

Roller shutters are also always mounted on the outside. Venetian blind is usually used as an umbrella term.

Indoors, it refers to interior sun protection that is also decorative and can be made of fabric or plastic. This offers a large selection of different designs.

Outside, this is a waterproof and robust arrangement of aluminium slats.

As blinds tend to be sensitive to wind, they are usually fitted on the inside. One of the advantages of internal blinds is that they can be fitted close to the window to save space. The angle of the individual slats can also be adjusted, allowing light to be directed into the room.

Both variants provide privacy and thermal insulation and darken interior spaces. Installation is uncomplicated and inexpensive. Interior blinds do not usually provide complete blackout. They also provide little protection against heat radiation from outside. Due to their design, roller shutters are particularly effective when it comes to thermal insulation, darkening and noise reduction. Roller shutters therefore ensure a particularly quiet and dark environment. Roller shutters also increase burglar resistance.

What types of blinds are there?

Apart from the subdivision between external and Interior blind blinds can also be subdivided into their different installation types.

They can be installed in the glazing bead, i.e. in the mouldings with which the window glass is fixed in the sash frame, in the wall opening in which the window is installed, on the window sash or in front of the window recess.

For the Mounting on the window sash there are special clamp brackets to avoid having to drill holes in the window.

How does a Venetian blind work?

Venetian blinds can be operated in different ways. In most cases, in addition to the Drawstrings a side-mounted Torsion bar or a crank utilised.

With the pull cord with torsion bar, the blind can be pulled down or up with a single mechanism; the slats are rotated with the aid of the bar.

Blinds with multiple pull cords have one pull cord for raising and lowering the blind and two additional pull cords that can be used to tilt the slats in one direction or the other.

With a so-called endless cord the raised blinds are first lowered and then the slats are turned when the endless cord is pulled further. A Venetian blind with a crank works according to the same principle.

With electric drives, the louvres are moved by a motor.


Who repairs blinds?

If a part of the blind breaks, this is no reason to throw it away. Depending on what is broken, you can repair it yourself or you may need help from an expert. You can call us for advice on the repair or simply visit one of our Showrooms in Salzburg and Zell am See .


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