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Awnings in various shapes and sizes

The awning as sun, privacy and rain protection

Awnings are the most important sun protection for your patio. That's why there is a large selection of different types. Patio awnings, pergola awnings, side wall awnings and conservatory awnings. You can choose from a wide range of equipment variants for the models - from the classic awning with a hand crank to the fully automatic wind and storm-controlled large-area awning.

We will be happy to show you the different variants in our showrooms. We recommend and offer awnings from the Austrian manufacturer and market leader Woundwo.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about awnings

Which awning for the balcony?

The Articulated arm awning is the most commonly used type of awning for balconies and patios. The two folding arms pull the awning fabric away from the so-called fabric shaft. The folding arm awning therefore floats freely above the balcony. It offers ideal Protection from the sun and also against light rain.

The Cassette awning utilises the same folding arm technology as the folding arm awning. However, it is enclosed by the cassette when retracted and thus protected from dirt, rain and wind.

Conservatories require virtually no heating systems, as the glass captures the sun's rays and thus warms the interior. In summer, however, this "glass house effect" can be stronger than desired. A Conservatory awning provides a remedy. The awnings are fitted on the outside and can be single or multi-part. There are also models in which a continuous section runs over the sloping roof and over the glass wall.

Depending on the construction of the terrace, a Side awning offer. As the name suggests, the awnings are mounted on the side of the patio, i.e. on the house façade and the ground. They offer ideal privacy, sun and wind protection and are therefore often used in the catering industry.

What is a vertical awning?

Vertical awnings or also Vertical awnings are called Roller shutters mounted above the window. This prevents the interior from heating up too much. They also serve as sun and privacy protection. The individual awning fabrics have a maximum width of three metres. Several fabrics can be mounted next to each other and coupled so that even larger fronts can be fitted with vertical awnings.

What is a semi-cassette awning?

A semi-cassette awning is a hybrid of the folding arm awning and the full cassette. As with the full cassette awning, the awning fabric is rolled into a cassette, but this is open at the bottom. It therefore offers comparable protection despite being less expensive.

What is a pergola awning?

A Pergola awning is ideal for large terraces. It can be installed up to 6 metres wide and can also be installed with thick thermal insulation. The awning fabric is mounted on two pillars and lateral guide rails. This makes pergola awnings particularly resistant to wind.

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