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External blinds - keep the radiant heat outside!

External blinds - the perfect alternative to air conditioning systems

External venetian blinds protect against UV radiation. They provide glare protection at computer workstations, as the light incidence can be directed individually thanks to the flexible slat adjustment.

Rooms can also be dimmed without being completely darkened as with roller shutters. External blinds act like air conditioning units - They keep the heat out, but allow light and fresh air into the room. In winter, the thermal insulation ensures that no heat escapes, which saves on heating costs.

Drop by our showroom and let us advise you on the various materials, colours and equipment options - on-site measurements and quotations are free of charge and non-binding.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about external venetian blinds

Why external venetian blinds?

Solar radiation indoors is minimised if desired. In fact, blinds have many other advantages. For example, they provide effective thermal insulation all year round.

In winter, blinds help to keep warm air in the room. In the summer months, the blinds prevent warm air from entering the room, keeping it pleasantly cool. This effective thermal insulation also has the positive aspect that electricity costs can be saved. Buying a Venetian blind can even help you save money in the long term. 

External venetian blinds are an effective barrier against unwanted sunlight in the room. The slats can be adjusted so that fresh air can still get in. When they are completely lowered, blinds also provide a Protection from noise. Whether it's neighbours mowing the lawn, children playing or cars driving past - the high-quality materials used to make Venetian blinds reduce noise to a minimum.

Annoying visitors such as flies and mosquitoes can also be repelled by the blinds.

External blinds often also function as Burglary protection. Windows are usually an easy target for burglars, as they can be opened or demolished relatively easily to gain access to the inside of the house. When fully lowered, the fixed external blinds are an ideal barrier to keep uninvited guests out.

What types of blinds are there?

Firstly, a distinction is made between external and internal blinds. While interior blinds are often made of fabric, for Exterior blinds made of weather-resistant materials such as aluminium.

They can be driven in different ways. Electrically using a motor or manually with a crank.

External venetian blinds are customised to the window in question. The width, height and slat colour are therefore variable. Different slat shapes also ensure a unique appearance.

Which is better - roller shutters or blinds?

In layman's terms, there is hardly any difference between the two options. However, blinds and Roller shutters different strengths. Roller shutters score highly when it comes to darkening a room and providing heat and sound insulation. The Burglary protection is very high for roller shutters.

The Venetian blind offers all this, but at a lower level. This is because the individual slats do not close as tightly as with roller shutters. On the other hand, the slats of the blinds can be adjusted individually. This allows you to precisely adjust the amount of sunlight.

Customer testimonials

We had our living room floor sanded by the Georg Hirschbichler team. After a great consultation, an appointment was quickly found and the work was quickly completed to our complete satisfaction. Everyone was very friendly, competent and flexible. A clear recommendation!
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Michael O. Avatar
Michael O.
Ich bin eher zufällig auf das Bodenstudio gestoßen. Hat mich aber absolut überzeugt. Die Vorhänge und Polster sind einzigartig schön und wirklich top genäht.
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Magdalena R. Avatar
Magdalena R.
First of all - 100% satisfied! Can recommend this company wholeheartedly.
Why? I got a completely new bedroom and had to coordinate several tradesmen in a very short space of time. Anyone who needs tradespeople knows how difficult this is at the moment.
The team from Bodenstudio Salzburg was very spontaneous and flexible. On the working day itself, they were on time and finished much quicker than expected. My cork floor is superbly laid, the quality is absolutely top. With a clear conscience 5 stars. Thank you very much.
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Thomas P. Avatar
Thomas P.
Thank you floor studio team for our new kitchen floor!
Everything was perfect from start to finish, the advice was very professional and tailored to the customer's individual wishes. Above all, attention is paid to which floor is good for the mood of the room and the pros and cons are seriously weighed up. Every customer is given the time and advice they need to find the right floor. The flooring team works quickly and very precisely. Even with our light-coloured floor, the joints are not visible. The overall result and service is highly recommended for anyone who needs a new floor. Really great work guys, thank you very much!
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Linda L.

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