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Vertical blinds - decorative sun protection

Vertical blinds are right on trend!

Vertical blinds are often installed indoors to easily shield them from light and sun. Vertical blinds are the new trend in modern interior design. In addition to their great functionality and ease of use, they are a great decorative addition to residential and commercial spaces thanks to the many colour and fabric options.

Thanks to their precise regulation, the amount of light entering the room can be adjusted exactly. Even large window fronts or atypical windows, such as those with Trapezoidal shapecan easily be clad with vertical louvres. Thanks to the large selection of fabrics, there is virtually no limit to the area of application. Especially in offices, this type of Sun protection often used and can be easily retrofitted.

As with the Pleated blind you can also choose different fabric properties for vertical blinds. Whether transparent, semi-transparent, tight or completely darkening - we customise them to the desired room.

Vertical blinds made to measure with installation

In our showrooms in Salzburg City and Zell am See you can choose from many different fabrics, colours and design options. As a service we offer a measuring and fitting appointment! We stock and recommend products from the brand LEHAthe Austrian market leader in interior sun shading.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about vertical blinds

What are the advantages of vertical blinds?

The vertical slats allow the incidence of light to be regulated much better than with horizontal slats.

Vertical blinds are primarily known from office window design, but are increasingly finding their way into private homes. Thanks to the glare protection, daylight can be optimally utilised. The louvres also increase the thermal insulation of a room without darkening it.

While horizontal blinds are usually only available in standard sizes, vertical blinds are also available in atypical lengths to cover large window fronts in offices, for example. As with horizontal blinds, the range is also very large.

There are different colours and materials to choose from. Muted colours, for example in offices and public facilities, are increasingly giving way to brightly coloured or patterned fabrics.

By emphasising the vertical, the room is visually stretched, creating a feeling of boundlessness. The rail for Vertical blinds can be fixed directly to the ceiling or above the window using wall brackets.

The complete technology for turning and opening the slats is already integrated in the track.


How do you clean a vertical blind?

Due to the vertical mounting Vertical blinds very resistant to soiling. Dust hardly sticks to them, and most fabrics have special coatings that further enhance this effect.

If cleaning is nevertheless required, the type of cleaning depends on the material selected. If the fabric or plastic slats are not very dirty, they can be dusted with a feather duster.

Plastic can also be easily wiped clean with a damp antistatic cloth. If a fabric curtain is heavily soiled, the slats can be removed individually and loosely rolled up.

Do not forget to remove the weighting plates beforehand! Place the fabric panels in a laundry bag and move them back and forth in a lukewarm mild detergent solution and then rinse several times with cold water. The fabric should be allowed to drip dry, but the slats can be hung up again while still damp.

Accessories such as weighting plates or connecting chains can also be cleaned. Simply clean the individual parts with lukewarm water and a little all-purpose cleaner and dry thoroughly.

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