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Panel blinds - aesthetic privacy and sun protection

Panel blinds - a modern alternative to the classic

Panel blinds are a trendy alternative to classic curtains. It decorates, provides privacy and sun protection and is available in countless colours.

The linear design is very much in keeping with new, modern window fronts and is reminiscent of sliding partitions that protect you from prying eyes.

The reverse sides of the fabrics used for panel blinds are specially treated to have a light and heat-reflecting effect. This protects the room from heat and dazzling light.

Sliding curtains for the bathroom

There are special coatings against moisture for bathrooms and toilets so that sliding curtains can also be used there. A particular advantage of sliding curtains is that you can combine different fabrics and therefore also different levels of light transmission. A transparent, translucent or blackout fabric can be used in the selected track system as required.

As several sliding curtains can also be moved in one run, this offers a number of options for making ideal use of the incoming light.

Clear, geometric lines are typical for sliding curtains. However, a strict pattern can be broken up with different colours or patterns. The sliding system also means that the patterns can always be rearranged.

There are also laser-cut or punched patterns that create an interesting interplay of shadows.

The panel curtain as an all-rounder

The sliding curtains can be used as more than just classic curtains. The all-rounder can be used as a room divider or even as a door replacement for wardrobes or wardrobes.

With us, you can easily put together a panel blind according to your own ideas. Our selection includes many fabrics and patterns for panel blinds. We also offer to measure and install the perfect sliding curtain for you on site. Our professionals stock and recommend products from the brand LEHAthe Austrian market leader in interior sun shading.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about panel blinds

How long should sliding curtains be?

The length of sliding curtains is a matter of taste. To be able to move the individual curtains smoothly, they should not touch or drag on the floor. There should be a gap of two to three centimetres between the floor and the end of the fabric.

Most panel blinds can be shortened without any problems. As a weighting strip is always attached to the bottom end, the bottom edge of the fabric does not need to be sewn over after cutting.

Sliding curtains do not necessarily have to be floor-length. It makes sense to adjust the length and not simply let the panel blind hang over it, especially in areas with window sills or heaters. For the width of the sliding curtains, there are fabric panels between 40 and 120 centimetres wide.

What is a panel track? (Curtain track)

There are several options for panel blinds Sliding systems. In addition to the classic version, in which the sliding system is mounted on the ceiling and the panel blinds are hung using hooks, there is also the option of fastening using a panel trolley. Ceiling rails must also be installed here.

A Panel trolley is a mobile plastic trolley that has rollers or glides at the top end, which are hooked into the sliding system. This allows the individual fabric panels to be moved freely on the rail.

What is the difference between sliding curtains and panel blinds?

Many suppliers use sliding curtains and panel blinds as synonyms. In fact, the different names refer to the same products, which are only categorised by their names.

Sliding curtains are usually referred to when talking about standard products. Panel blinds are Curtainswhich are made to measure.

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