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Insect screens for doors and windows

Tired of mosquitoes, spiders and wasps indoors? 

We have the right insect screen for you.

Good advice is essential. We will make a pre-selection of the products that are suitable for you on site or in our showrooms. We will also be happy to install the precisely customised fly screen for you on skylights, balcony doors, cellar shaft covers, cellar windows or standard windows.

The insect screen variants can also be used as pollen protection. We stock and recommend the product range of the Austrian manufacturer WoundWo.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about insect screens for windows and doors

Which insect screen for windows?

There are several options for keeping pesky insects out of the house. Probably the best known is the Fly screen. Installation is child's play. An adhesive strip is attached along the window frame and pressed down firmly. The other side of the strip is either also an adhesive strip or fitted with barbs. The fine-meshed fly screen is cut to the size of the window and attached tightly to the strip. The advantage of this variant is that it can be removed easily and without leaving any residue. There is also no need to drill or screw. However, this also means that the screens are not as robust as other solutions.

Another variant is the Magnetic frame. Strips are attached to the window frame. The fibreglass fabric is clamped into a movable magnetic frame and attached using the magnetic strip. The fabric is tear-resistant and therefore more robust. With the tensioning frame, the construction is screwed to the window frame. This is therefore an invasive option, but one that also lasts in the long term.
Also Roller blinds are suitable for keeping uninvited guests away.

Which fly screen for the balcony door?

There are also several options for balcony doors. One of these is the sliding door. Two doors are installed that can be opened and closed independently of each other. The aluminium rails are anchored in the door frame using dowels and the grilles are inserted.

A hinged door is inserted into the door frame. There are no rails here, the door is fixed on one side. The door can open inwards or outwards as required.

A swing door is installed in the same way, the only difference is that it can be opened in both directions.

How long do fly screens last?

The lifespan of a fly screen depends on its type and quality. High-quality fly screens can be used for up to 10 years without any problems.

Customer testimonials

We would like to thank Lucas for the great advice and the beautiful parquet flooring in our new home. We can hardly wait to move in. LG Matthias
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Matthias S. Avatar
Matthias S.
From planning to laying the floor, everything worked perfectly and fitted perfectly. We were delighted that we received such good advice and that they took so much time for us.
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Oliver H. Avatar
Oliver H.
Our first meeting was friendly, competent and professional.
After a long delivery time, there were two installation dates and one rectification date.
All in all, we are very happy with the beautiful wooden parquet and can recommend Bodenstudio Hirschbichler to others!
Mr Hirschbichler looks after the customer very well from start to finish - even after the installation, he is always ready to listen!
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Andreas K. Avatar
Andreas K.
Got new curtains and pleated blinds. As always, everything was perfect 👌. Thank you
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Jens H.

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