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Floors & stairs

Floors and stairs for the perfect appearance

The floor is the largest and most frequently used piece of furniture in our rooms. We walk on it every day, which is why the right choice and quality are crucial. Finding the right design is important for a floor to give pleasure for many decades to come. We recommend a Personal consultation at one of our locations in Salzburg or Zell am See. Individual wishes, materials and current trends are discussed here.

We stock almost all branded products at top prices as well as niche manufacturers who can produce customised products to meet all requirements. You can find selected examples of the entire range in the picture galleries for the respective flooring.

The right floor for your home

The floor is the most fundamental piece of interior design. It gives the room its living atmosphere and determines whether a house becomes a home. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to high-quality raw materials, robustness and good quality when choosing a floor. In order to find the ideal product for each customer, consultation appointments can be arranged at our locations in Salzburg City and Zell am See. Our employees will inform you about the different production techniques and the latest trends in floor coverings. Individual wishes can also be easily discussed on site and optimally realised.

Floors for the living room

The living room is the place where all facets of life come together. This undoubtedly requires a robust floor that can cope with everything. People often worry about having to choose between practical and visually appealing. Bodenstudio combines classic craftsmanship with innovative design and provides a durable yet modern surface.

Floors for the kitchen

Even the best chefs get things wrong from time to time. But with our high-quality floors stains don't stand a chance. Thanks to special floor coatings, the surfaces are easy and hygienic to clean, resistant to moisture and do not lose their quality over a long period of time.

Stairs and tread panelling

A staircase should not only blend in well with the living environment in terms of appearance, but also offer safety. Therefore, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, good visibility and slip resistance of the stairs are also important. Bodenstudio uses specially adapted step panellingwhich will not wear away even with frequent use. So your staircase is also set in scene with sure-footedness and precision!

Vinyl 06

Vinyl flooring - functionality meets design

Parquet 21 1

Parquet flooring - the Mercedes of flooring

Linoleum 01

Linoleum flooring - naturally beautiful, naturally honest

Rubber 03

Rubber flooring - for use in heavy-duty areas

PVC 03

PVC flooring - the ideal flooring for germ-free living

Laminate 01

Laminate flooring - the robust flooring you can lay yourself

Carpet 19

Carpeting - for hotels and private homes

Cork image customised

Cork flooring - the eternal classic among natural floors

Floor studio Stone carpet Au area 9 customised

Stone carpet - seamless flooring and
Wall covering

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