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Parquet flooring - the Mercedes of flooring

Parquet flooring, plank flooring and ship flooring - the perennial bestsellers on our sales list

Austria is the parquet world champion. But what exactly does that mean? It means that, on average, 0.8 square metres of parquet flooring are laid per inhabitant per year. That's more than 6 million square metres per year! Austrian parquet manufacturers are among the best and largest in the world.

The right advice for wooden floor parquet

There are many different parquet floors with different properties and areas of application. Whether a 2-layer, 3-layer or Solid wood floor is suitable, we can clarify this in the showroom. We will also discuss the format of your new wooden floor.

Plank or oak? It all depends on the quality

Oak parquet or modern plank parquet is not always the right floor for a room. The wear layer is also a decisive factor that distinguishes cheap products from brand quality. Finally, you can choose the surface treatment - whether it's heavily brushed, hand-planed, grooved or simply sanded - there are many options to choose from. To be more precise, you can put together up to 2,800 different parquet floors according to your wishes.

We offer you the largest selection of parquet floors in the entire province of Salzburg with the best price-performance ratio. Come by and find the most beautiful real wood parquet in our showroom in Salzburg or Zell am See. We stock the brands from the market leader Weitzer Parquet, Tilo, Bergland Parquet, INKU, Kährs Parquet, Scheucher parquet, WoodBase and many more!

Laying parquet? Leave it to our flooring professionals!

Laying parquet is flooring in a league of its own. Our Floor layers in Salzburg and Zell am See know exactly what is important. A valuable parquet floor should also be treated and processed as such for the best possible result. The flooring team at Bodenstudio always works cleanly and on time.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about parquet flooring

Which is the best parquet floor for me?

A distinction is made between solid parquet and multi-layer parquet. While solid parquet consists of one continuous piece, multi-layer parquet is divided into three layers of real wood glued together. Solid parquet is recommended if you want to carry out further renovations over the years, as it can be sanded down several times. It is also easier to combine with underfloor heating. Although multi-layer parquet lacks strong heat conduction, it scores points for ease of installation and a lower price.

Which wood is best suited for parquet?

In addition to the hardness and the swelling measure of the wood, most customers focus on the appearance. In principle, there are three different criteria: Colouring, structure and effect. The questions of whether light or reddish, planed or sanded, natural or vivid are mostly personal preferences.

Which parquet for which rooms?

Different types of wood should be used depending on how the room is used. Hardwoods such as beech, oak and ash should be used in heavily frequented rooms such as the living room or hallway. However, as hardwoods are more expensive, you should consider in which rooms they are actually useful.
Woods such as oak, walnut or tropical woods have a low swelling dimension and are therefore less susceptible to swelling due to water - these woods are ideal for use in damp rooms or entrance areas.

What is a parquet pattern?

Unlike classic floorboards, which consist of large-format wooden planks, parquet is a mosaic of several pieces of solid wood, also known as parquet strips. These can be laid in many different ways. A simple floor made of large, parallel planks of wood is one of the cheaper options. The more elaborate the pattern, the more expensive the floor. From herringbone patterns to ship floors to diamond shapes, there are no limits to the imagination. The laying pattern has a major influence on the effect of the room. Professionals can skilfully make rooms appear larger or deeper.

How do I care for my parquet floor properly?

To avoid scratching the floor, you should use a broom rather than a hoover. As too much water on the wooden floor can be harmful, only a damp cloth should be used when mopping. Aggressive cleaning agents such as abrasive cleaners or chlorine-based agents should not be used, as these can destroy the surface structure. If you need a little more cleaning power, only special parquet cleaners should be used.

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