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PVC flooring - the ideal flooring for germ-free living

Inexpensive and easy to clean: PVC flooring is celebrating its comeback

PVC flooring has been used for many years in commercial kitchens and areas where quick and easy cleaning is required. In recent years, however, the floor covering has become increasingly multi-talented: its many possible colours and patterns enable the PVC floorto be used in a variety of ways. Thanks to the diverse product range, our customers can choose a wood or stone pattern and still enjoy the benefits of PVC flooring.

PVC floors are inexpensive and easy to install

At an affordable price, you can enjoy the comfort of waterproof, hard-wearing flooring that is warm underfoot. PVC is quick and easy to lay and very low-maintenance to use. Full-surface bonding guarantees long-lasting enjoyment of this floor. Our flooring professionals will be happy to lay it for you and help give your home a new look.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about PVC flooring

Which PVC floors are available?

PVC floor coverings are available in a wide variety of designs. Basically, PVC flooring can be divided into the following categories: 

  • Homogeneous PVC flooring consists of one or more layers of the same material and therefore has the same colour and pattern throughout. The wear layer is thick and therefore ideal for high-traffic areas such as workshops or offices.
  • heterogeneous PVC floor coverings with at least two layers of different materials. In addition to PVC, jute, polyester fleece or foam are often used. As the wear layer is not as thick as that of homogeneous coverings, this variant is used more in living areas as it is less hard-wearing. On the other hand, the footfall sound insulation is reinforced. Heterogeneous coverings are also more cost-effective.
  • CV coveringswhere foamed PVC floor coverings with a textured surface are used. These provide additional footfall sound insulation and are increasingly warm underfoot and moisture-resistant.
  • Design flooring consists of a heterogeneous PVC surface to which an additional backing layer, an imprint layer and a transparent wear layer are applied. This makes the floor covering very hard-wearing. The surface pattern often has a wood, stone or metal pattern.

The floors can also be laid in different ways. With loose laying, the floor covering is only fixed to the subfloor at its ends. This variant is ideal for homes where you want to restore the original condition in the future, such as rented flats. When laying a comfort floor, the floor covering is fixed and glued down over the entire surface.

Which is better: PVC or vinyl flooring?

In fact, both resilient floor coverings are made of the same material, polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC for short. The difference lies in the way they are laid: Rolled PVC coverings are called PVC and rectangular planks, usually laid using the click method, are called Vinyl labelled.

How do I get PVC floors clean?

PVC flooring is known for its durability and easy maintenance. This is why the flooring is often used in rooms where a high level of cleanability is required, such as hospitals, laboratories or operating theatres.

As the wear layer is closed and virtually non-porous, sweeping the floor is sufficient for everyday soiling. For heavier soiling, the floor can be wet-cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner and water. However, abrasive cleaners should not be used as this can cause the floor to lose its lustre.


Customer testimonials

We are very satisfied with Boden-Studio. The colour selection worked out great and the installation is also top! Everything was done according to the quote and the result is very nice. The vinyl flooring is very good quality and easy to clean. Even street shoes are no problem for the floor, even if we don't want to challenge anything. Personally, we would always prefer the vinyl floor to a parquet floor. Thank you for the great work!
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Andreas E. Avatar
Andreas E.
Very reliable and punctual execution. Everything laid wonderfully. Top price performance. We are very satisfied!
Thank you
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Christian P. Avatar
Christian P.
From planning to laying the floor, everything worked perfectly and fitted perfectly. We were delighted that we received such good advice and that they took so much time for us.
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Oliver H. Avatar
Oliver H.
Got new curtains and pleated blinds. As always, everything was perfect 👌. Thank you
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A G.

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