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Natural wood terrace

The natural wood terrace

Natural wood decking, also known as real wood decking, is the classic decking that can be admired in almost every garden. Wood can be categorised into the following types of decking:

  1. Decking boards made from native wood species such as larch, thermo pine or thermo ash, as well as
  2. Decking boards made from overseas wood species such as the famous Bangkirai, Teak, Ipe, Garapa, Accoya, Cumaru or Sapelli wood species

Properties of natural wood floorboards

A distinction can be made between domestic woods and wood species from overseas, for example:

Service life and durability

The better the durability class (1-5), the longer the decking boards will last. For example, the popular and frequently used larch wood has a durability of 3, which can be converted into a durability of 10-15 years. Teak has a durability of 1, which is the best value. It will last 20 to 25 years if properly installed. It is also important that the substructure has the same or even better durability as the decking wood!


Each type of wood has its own colour tone, which greys due to weathering and UV radiation. You can counteract this with regular maintenance and oiling of the decking. We only use outdoor decking oils from Pallmann, the oil and varnish specialist for decking boards. Of course, you can also allow the decking to turn grey, which is just as charming - and also saves a lot of work.

Wood properties

Each type of decking wood has its own typical characteristics such as cracking, splintering, swelling and shrinkage, etc. Larch wood tends to slate strongly, whereas tropical woods hardly slate at all. The latter is also much harder than our domestic softwood. However, the better wood properties of tropical wood are reflected in the price.

Wooden decking is the oldest and most natural form of decking. This is why most people know that outdoor wood greys quickly - even expensive types of wood such as teak, ipe and accoya are affected by the natural weathering process of the surface. Due to the increasingly hot summer months, decking is often covered, which leads to various types of greying. If you want to get rid of the various discolourations, you need to clean and maintain the decking regularly. Often the only thing that helps is a Brush or sand down - our professionals are happy to help! 

If you want to do it yourself: please do not use a high-pressure cleaner on wooden decking! The high pressure of the water jet will clean the surface, but the greying process will then proceed much faster! We only use special brushing machines with water without chemicals, which brush the weathered material, moss, etc. off the wood. An oil impregnation can then be applied to provide additional protection for the wood. 

terrace before

If your decking is already so weathered, the only thing that will help is brushing off the greyed and weathered surface.


With our modified FlexiSand brushing machine, we can give your patio floor a new shine. We only use water - without any chemicals!

terrace after

This is what the result looks like after our surface treatment. Last but not least, an oil impregnation is applied. The decking is then protected against environmental influences again. 

Customer testimonials

We would like to thank Georg very much for the quick and uncomplicated processing of our parquet flooring requests. Due to the current crisis, this is not a matter of course. We will definitely recommend you to others.
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A G. Avatar
A G.
We are very satisfied with Boden-Studio. The colour selection worked out great and the installation is also top! Everything was done according to the quote and the result is very nice. The vinyl flooring is very good quality and easy to clean. Even street shoes are no problem for the floor, even if we don't want to challenge anything. Personally, we would always prefer the vinyl floor to a parquet floor. Thank you for the great work!
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Andreas E. Avatar
Andreas E.
Spontaneous visit paid off! Really competent advice!
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Paul L. Avatar
Paul L.
Super great advice & service!
Consultant (Mr Hirschbichler) was top, very friendly & helpful!

Delivery was on time and in perfect condition.

I am very satisfied 10/10 I can only recommend to everyone!
Thank you 😊
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feri m.

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