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Roller blind - the quick solution

The roller blind - the classic

The most classic version of privacy and sun protection is the roller blind. The smooth fabric is pulled over the window and thus provides the necessary privacy. Sicht- und SonnenschutzRoller blinds are operated with an endless chain or a spring balancer, in the case of so-called spring roller blinds. The smooth fabric gives them a very calm appearance and they can be used almost anywhere. If you want to set accents, you can also use double roller blinds. It either lets light into the room or closes to form a surface.

With us, you can compare the different fabric variations and qualities and even put together your own roller blind.

In old buildings, no two windows are ever the same. Installing internal roller blinds is often not easy due to the fabric of the building. Our professionals will be happy to help you, measure the windows and install your new sun protection. We stock and recommend products from the brand LEHAthe Austrian market leader in interior sun shading.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about roller blinds

Which is better blind or roller blind?

Which privacy and sun protection is the best depends entirely on the desired use.

Venetian blinds consist of several slats whose angle can be changed. This allows the incidence of light to be regulated. Due to the robust material, Venetian blinds can also be attached to the outside wall.

Roller blinds usually consist of a rectangular fabric that is rolled up onto a so-called shaft. This fabric can be pulled up or down as required. As the roller blind is made of fabric, it is attached to the inside of the window. Depending on the opacity and translucency of the fabric, a room can be darkened more or less.

Both variants can be customised to the window in question. If you only need privacy protection, the roller blind is the cheaper and more suitable option. However, if you consider other factors, such as thermal insulation and burglary protection, it pays to invest in a roller blind. Venetian blinds to invest.

What types of roller blinds are there?

The names of the different types of roller blind often also say something about their areas of application. The classic roller blind is operated via a centre or side pull, with which the roller blind can be pulled up or down. It is attached directly to the window sash with clamp brackets and therefore requires no screws or holes.

With the Spring roller blind a snap pull is used. There is a spring shaft in the upper part that tensions automatically when the roller blind is pulled down. With a short tug on the cord, the spring tension is released again and the roller blind rolls up automatically.

Another variant is the Cassette roller blind. The part on which the fabric is mounted is hidden in the cassette. This makes the design look more elegant. As with the classic roller blind, it can be operated using a crank or side rails.

With a Glazing bead roller blind the cassette is attached directly to the window frame. The roller blind fabric runs between the window frames and therefore inside the glazing bead. This option is particularly space-saving.

To prevent the fabric from swinging forwards when the window is tilted, additional side panels can be fitted to hold the fabric in place.

This is also the case with Roof window blinds . With roof windows, great importance is also attached to the type and quality of the fabric in order to achieve glare and heat protection as well as darkening.

Another variant are Double roller blinds. There are two fabric panels that can be moved in relation to each other so that you can vary between the transparent and opaque strips.

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