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Stone carpet as a seamless floor and wall covering for indoor and outdoor areas.

Stone carpet - the latest trend

Stone carpets are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, but are particularly popular for terraces and balconies. A wide variety of stone types and pebble sizes can be selected. We can even customise the small stones into individual shapes and logos on request. The visually appealing natural gravel is hard-wearing, slip-resistant and chlorine-resistant, making it ideal for pool surrounds.

Interior stone carpets

Inside, the pores are sealed so that this floor covering can also be easily cleaned with a mop. The marble tiles used are slightly rounded and therefore ensure a pleasant walking sensation as well as good sound and heat insulation.

Stone carpets for outdoor use

We use open-pored materials for outdoor areas. This ensures that there is no risk of slipping even in wet weather. After hardening, the covering is abrasion-resistant. The stone carpet is particularly suitable as a patio floor or on balconies. Mixing the marble pebbles with the binder also guarantees clean, dust-free working. The best time to install the stone carpet is in spring to late autumn.

We can use stone carpet not only on the floor, but also as a Wall covering Here, too, the seamless look takes centre stage. This is why entire staircases and individual steps are particularly suitable for stone carpets.

As this type of floor will last for several decades, the right choice of colour is crucial. We offer all different colours of marble and quartz stones, grain sizes (2-4mm, 4-7mm or 7-15mm) and textures. Just drop by one of our showrooms in Salzburg or Zell am See and take a look at the sample slabs.

You can get your new Stone carpet pattern You can even take it home with you to try it out on site. Our consultants are looking forward to meeting you.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about stone carpets

Is stone carpet waterproof?

A stone carpet is only waterproof with special sealants. In outdoor areas, the substrate must first be waterproofed so that the water can run off the water-bearing layer. Indoors, a surface sealant is often sufficient.

There are different types of sealant depending on the type of use. In wet areas, such as bathrooms, there are so-called pore fillers. As the name suggests, this fills the pores between the stones.

How can you clean stone carpets?

Cleaning depends entirely on how the stone carpet was laid. If the stone carpet has a waterproof seal, you can simply mop the floor as usual. In outdoor areas, the stone carpet is always laid with open pores and a slight gradient and can therefore be easily cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. Caution: Only use the patio attachment cleaner, do not use the dirt cutter!

If the interior floor has not been sealed, the cleaning water can get between the stones. Therefore, you should not clean too wet, but only damp. After cleaning, the stones must dry again, so the room should be ventilated thoroughly.

If you have a floor with coarser pebbles, it is sufficient to treat it twice a year with a steam cleaner.

With sealed stone carpets, individual stones may come loose if the wrong cleaning technique is used. Therefore, you should only wipe in a straight line and not in a circular motion.

What is a natural stone carpet?

In a stone carpet, pebbles are mixed with a binding agent and laid in liquid form. This creates a visually seamless surface. A wide variety of stone types such as quartz, marble or even precious stones can be used.

No artificially coloured stones are used for natural stone carpets. Nevertheless, there is plenty of choice, as marble pebbles alone have over 30 different colours.

Is stone carpet slippery?

Unlike tiles, which have a smooth and dense surface, stone carpet is flat but permeable to water. This water-permeable surface, which is made up of pebbles, means that stone carpet is naturally very slip-resistant. If it is sealed waterproof, the floor is also very suitable for wet rooms, such as bathrooms or even showers.

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