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Trendy laminate flooring - the robust floor you can lay yourself!

Laminate flooring as an ideal "do-it-yourself" floor with the best price-performance ratio

Laminate flooring is far from obsolete! As an ideal "do-it-yourself" product, it has been extremely popular with all DIY enthusiasts for decades. Production techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated and the quality, surfaces and decors are becoming increasingly diverse. Whether wood, stone or tile look - we offer a wide range of laminate variants. Laminate flooring is robust, inexpensive and quick and easy to install. Despite all these advantages, you don't have to compromise on quality. With the help of our professionals, we will find the right model for you.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about laminate flooring

What material is laminate?

Laminate consists of several layers. First comes the so-called carrier board, which usually consists of pressed wood fibres. A decorative layer is applied on top, which is printed with the desired wood look or another design. A special paper is used for this. The top layer is a sealant to protect the floor against abrasion and dirt.

What do I need to consider when buying laminate?

Depending on the room, there are different laminates that are suitable. The more intensive the use, the thicker the protective layer should be. There are nine classes for laminate, into which the abrasion protection is categorised. The higher the Number of utilisation class (NK)the thicker the laminate. The distinction as to whether the flooring is used for residential, commercial or industrial use is also not insignificant.
Once you have found the right thickness, you also need to assess the quality. The cost is not the only point of reference here. The core layer should be made of particularly dimensionally stable wood. The quality of the edges is also very important - sloppy edges often indicate a defective product.
Last but not least, you can use the warranty information as a guide: Quality products should have a guarantee of around 15 years.

What does high-quality laminate cost?

The price often depends on the features. For example, laminate flooring with integrated sound insulation is more expensive than simple laminate. The chosen design can also influence the price.

Which is better laminate or PVC?

It is possible to confuse PVC flooring with laminate flooring, but if you take a closer look, the difference is clearly recognisable. PVC flooring is insensitive to moisture, more sound-absorbent and softer. Laminate flooring is insensitive to water that can penetrate the joints and the impact sound absorption is not as high as with PVC flooring.

Which laminate is recommended?

This depends on the area of use. Customers should ask themselves a few questions before buying: Is the laminate flooring to be laid in damp rooms? Will the floor be used for commercial or private purposes? Should underfloor heating be installed? All these questions help to find the right laminate flooring. The service class is one of the most important factors.


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